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Where to Park

We have very limited parking at the front of our building. There is to be no parking anywhere else on the industrial estate, These are not our spaces and are not to be used at anytime.


For the children's classes where possible, please drop off and pick up. If you'd like to stay and watch please park in the alternative location below.

For all adults classes please follow the instructions below.

Use postcode NN14 3JU this will take you to the start of Chapel Hill.

Please park anywhere along Chapel hill, the gym is just a short walk up School lane, at the top of school lane there is a cut through into the rear of the industrial estate through a gate.

the video below shows the start of chapel hill, park anywhere on the left hand side. The video then shows the walk/route to the gym.

please respect the residents of islip and park sensibly, making sure not to obstruct any driveways or emergency access to properties.

Below is a video of the route and diagrams of where to park and the walk to the gym.

Parking diagram.png
Parking 1 Chapel Hill.png
Parking 2 chapel Hill.png

There is ample parking along Chapel Hill (Pictured Above) a short walk from the gym.

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